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About Bluebirds

What Happened to the Bluebird?

In the early 1900’s the Eastern bluebird was one of rural Ohio’s most common songbirds. Then, because of a series of imprudent activities on the part of humans, and several severe winters, bluebird population declined by as much as 90%. However, these problems are being addressed and now the bluebird is making a comeback due largely to conservation efforts. However, the continuing loss of natural nest sites to house sparrows and European starlings means that this beloved and charismatic bird will always need man’s help to survive. You can be a part of that effort!

How You Can Help

• Increasing nest sites by erecting a proper nest box or creating a bluebird trail of many nest boxes.

• Monitor your nest boxes to identify and correct nesting problems to improve the bluebird’s chance of survival.

• Keep records on your nest boxes and send the information to the Ohio Bluebird Society to help its research programs.

• Plant berry-producing plants and provide bluebird foods at your feeders.

• Tell your friends about the bluebird’s plight and encourage them to help.

Join the Ohio Bluebird Society and donate your time and dollars to help ensure the bluebird’s future.