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Trail Information

Setting up a Bluebird Trail

Habitat is the key factor to consider when setting up a Bluebird trail. Open country with scattered trees and low or sparse ground cover is best. Suitable habitat should include perch sites, such as a fence line, wires, or tree branches where Bluebirds may perch to search for food. A  second requirement is short or mowed grass. Areas with very tall grass are not ideal for Bluebirds. If Bluebirds do not like the habitat, they probably will not use your boxes.

Pastureland, acreages, parks away from human traffic, and mowed areas such as cemeteries, and golf courses are all good locations for a Bluebird trail (provided pesticides are not used).

Avoid placing boxes within 100-120 feet of brushy and heavily wooded areas - this is the habitat of the House Wren.

Avoid areas where the House Sparrow is abundant (i.e. around houses, farmsteads, and animal feedlots).

Avoid areas of heavy pesticide use.

Boxes can be mounted in pairs where Tree Swallows are abundant. When paired, boxes should be mounted 5 to 25 feet apart. This provides nesting sites for both species and helps to prevent competition between them. Different species of birds usually do not mind nesting close to each other.