Blue Feather Award

This award was intended to honor an OBS member and was given in recognition of that individual’s extraordinary accomplishments in all areas of Bluebird conservation and management. This would be a person who over time had made the OBS mission statement their very own. The areas of contribution would include, but not be limited to, effective trail management; unique creativity; and innovation supporting the return and perpetuation of the Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity-nesting birds. See the list of who has won this award throughout the years.

Wildlife Conservation Award

This differs from the Blue Feather Award in that membership in OBS is not a requirement. The award recognizes a strong conservation ethic throughout Ohio and in selected locations elsewhere. The recognition is given to honor individuals and organizations who are committed to this concept but manage the expression of those concepts in many different ways. Some examples of the concerns of the organizations and individuals recognized include:  wildlife rehabilitation, ODNR/Wildlife management, the work/research of other bird conservation groups and individual wildlife conservation efforts. See the list of who has won this award throughout the years.

Nominations for the Blue Feather and the Wildlife Conservation awards accepted throughout the year.

Please e-mail or mail your nomination(s), along with the list of qualifications that makes the nominee deserving of the award. (See Communications Block for information.)

Click here to download the nomination form (PDF).

Deadline for receiving nomination(s) is December 31.
Please note: If you have already submitted a nomination, you do not need to re-submit