Wildlife Conservation Award

Wildlife Conservation Award

This award was created by OBS leaders and first presented in 1995. This differs from the Blue Feather Award in that membership in OBS is not a requirement. The award recognizes a strong conservation ethic throughout Ohio and in selected locations elsewhere. The recognition is given to honor individuals and organizations who are committed to this concept but manage the expression of those concepts in many different ways. Some examples of the concerns of the organizations and individuals recognized include:  wildlife rehabilitation, ODNR/Wildlife management, the work/research of other bird conservation groups and individual wildlife conservation efforts.

Additionally, awards have been made for conservation efforts at Municipal Park Systems, Audubon Centers, Arboretums, County Parks, Metro-Park Districts and several ODNR divisions.

This broad base of concern permits The Ohio Bluebird Society to support and recognize outstanding wildlife conservation efforts wherever they may be undertaken.

List of Recipients

2024       Tim W. Bischoff – Columbus
2023       Don Althoff – Rio Grande University
2022        Stratford Ecological Center, Delaware County, and Clyde Gosnell and Dr. Louise Warner
2021       Theodore W. “Ted” Hunker – Safari Golf Course
2020       Lisa Brohl – Lake Eire Islands Conservancy
2019       Dawes Arboretum – Newark
2018       Beaver Creek Wetlands Association – Greene Co.
2017       Ashland County Park District
2014       Jack Smith – Black River Audubon Society
2013        Charlie Zepp – Dublin
2012        Ken Cochran – Secrest Arboretum – Wooster
2011        Jay Reno Reda – Chardon
2007        Kendra Wecker – Wildlife Diversity Coordinator – ODNR/Wildlife
2006        Edith Conzett – Holden Arboretum
2005        Tim Brugeman/Hancock County Parks – Findlay
2004        Dick Tuttle/Dick Phillips – Delaware
2003        Raptor, Inc. – Cincinnati
2002        Darke Countians for Wildlife –  Greenville
2001        American Bird Conservation Association
2000        Mark Shieldcastle ODNR/Wildlife –  Oak Harbor
1999        Toledo Metroparks – Lucas County
1998        Aullwood Audubon Center – Dayton
1997        Dublin City Parks
1996        Edward L. Smith – Caldwell
1995        Donald L. Burton, DVM – Worthington