Legacy Program

The Ohio Bluebird Society Legacy Fund

Download the OBS Legacy Fund Honoree Designation Form (PDF).

Whether you have been a loyal bluebird enthusiast for decades or merely enjoy the sight and song of this beautiful species, the Ohio Bluebird Society is pleased to offer you a way to extend your appreciation for bluebirds for many years to come. By participating in the Ohio Bluebird Society Legacy Fund you can preserve the memory of dedicated bluebirders and bird enthusiasts, while providing nest boxes for the cavity nesting birds you love and enjoy. Beginning on November 17th, 2014 you will be able to make a donation of $125 or more to OBS and designate that the donation be used to honor a specific individual.  In return, the OBS volunteers will build, erect, maintain and monitor a quality, cedar bluebird box on the closest trail available containing prime habitat for bluebirds.  Each box will be tagged with a decorative, plaque containing the honoree’s name and you will be notified when the box is officially placed on an existing bluebird trail. All Legacy boxes will be in place for the upcoming breeding season. The personalized nest box will commemorate the efforts and interests of the honoree and provide a much needed home for countless, energetic broods of baby birds. Additional boxes may be purchased for $100 each and special OBS Honoree Grants of $1,000 or more will receive customized benefits in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Should you want to designate specific naming rights to a portion of the next Ohio Bluebird Society Conference, create a special award for dedicated Bluebird Society members that reflect the spirit of an honoree or simply establish an entire bluebird trail dedicated to the honoree, the OBS Honoree Grant is an excellent option. We guarantee that the OBS will use the OBS Grant commensurate with the wishes of the donor and we will gladly meet with you to discuss all available options. The OBS Legacy Fund should be considered a practical alternative to traditional birthday, anniversary or holiday gifts because it is an honor that every bird enthusiast would enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to see an honoree’s name on a nest box, knowing that their generous donation facilitated the life of more beautiful bluebirds? As this program develops and gains popularity we plan on using the proceeds from the Legacy Fund to support educational OBS events and create a scholarship fund for prospective high school students that have demonstrated an interest in ornithology and habitat conservation. In conducting educational programs and helping interested students we believe that we are further supporting our mission statement of perpetuating Ohio’s cavity nesting birds. The enclosed form should be used when submitting an OBS Legacy Fund donation and we will confirm receipt of your donation shortly after receiving the completed form. If you have questions about the Legacy Fund, please leave a message on the dedicated OBS information telephone line (440.462-9084) and we will respond in a timely manner. Please consider the OBS Legacy Fund when giving your next gift because your donation will allow the OBS to do more to help Ohio’s native bluebirds and other cavity nesting species.

OBS Legacy Fund Honorees

  • In memory of Dean Sheldon, donated by Carol Sheldon
  • In memory of Mary Janet MacKenzie, donated by Stephen Habash
  • In memory of Cheryl Cannon, donated by Diane and Susan Cannon
  • In memory of John R. Love, donated by Marsha J. Sergi
  • In memory of Arlene Kunkel, donated by Janice Petko
  • In memory of John R. Baker, donated by Don and Diana Plant
  • In memory of Donald Dunn, donated by Stephen Habash
  • In memory of Robert Dunn, donated by Stephen Habash
  • In memory of James Harding Shelby, donated by Stephen Habash
  • In honor of Jean Luczkowski, donated by Stephen Habash
  • In memory of Vera Mae Leach, donated by Darlene Sillick
  • In Memory of Bill Davis, donated by Doug LeVasseur
  • In Memory of Joan Davis, donated by Doug LeVasseur
  • In Honor of Vic Harder, donated by Doug LeVasseur
  • In Memory of Lois Harder, donated by Doug LeVasseur
  • In Memory of Ron Duecker, donated by Carol Sheldon
  • In Honor of Dave Gray, donated by Carol Sheldon
  • In memory of Millie Klopfenstein, donated by Stephen Habash
  • In honor of Krista Hyme, donated by Krista Hyme
  • In memory of Fred & Edith Eads, donated by Jackie Perucki