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Why Become a Member of OBS?

  1. Connect with others who love nature and love helping Bluebirds.
  2. Help the Bluebirds by encouraging the efforts of OBS to fulfill its mission statement.
  3. Have access to expert advise from experienced Bluebird trail monitors, teachers and scientists.
  4. Have the opportunity to use your talents and gift to help others.
  5. Receive the quarterly OBS newsletter and read about what others are doing to help Bluebirds and other native cavity nesting birds.
  6. Have access to OBS archived educational articles, box building plans and trail stories.
  7. Receive an OBS decal which you can proudly place on you vehicle displaying your support toward Bluebird restoration.
  8. Help support the OBS website where others can connect, learn and grow.
  9. Have the opportunity to share your photos and trail stories on the OBS web site and in the OBS newsletter.
  10. Come and enjoy our educational and entertaining annual conferences.

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