About Us

About the Ohio Bluebird Society

The Ohio Bluebird Society (OBS) provides information and encouragement for those wishing to engage in the conservation of bluebirds and other native cavity nesting species through the following activities:
  • Sponsors and supports educational events.
  • Holds educational conferences where state-of-the-art information and approaches to bluebirds are featured.
  • Publishes the Bluebird Monitor, a quarterly journal with practical suggestions, research results, advances in bluebirding, and stories from the field.
  • Works closely with the Ohio Division of Wildlife and other state and local conservation organizations.
  • Provides encouragement and companionship for those wishing to work on saving our native cavity nesting species.
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OBS Bylaws

During the September 23rd Board Meeting, the OBS Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve new bylaws for the organization. The product of more than a year of work, these new bylaws represent an updating and streamlining of the previous bylaws.  The goal of this process was to modify the existing bylaws to create a simpler and more flexible document that better matches current technologies.  Both versions of the bylaws are available below for review and will be available at the 2018 OBS Conference on February 24th.  OBS Bylaws allow changes to the bylaws by action of the Board of Trustees or by majority action of voting members. OBS Bylaws 23 September 2017 OBS Bylaws 11 October 2003