2021 Virtual OBS Conference

March 6, 2021

Due to COVID-19 this year, we are trying something different for our OBS Annual Conference. There will not be an in-person conference at Ashland. We are going to have 4 main PowerPoint talks that will be on the website by March and will be keeping with the theme: Back to the Basics. This year’s wonderful logo was created by Anna Rose.

Conference Brochure Youth Presenters


Bet Zimmerman Smith
• Bluebirding 101 (45 minutes)
• NABS introduction (15 minutes)

Dick Tuttle
• Wildlife Management for Tree Swallows (45 minutes)

Marne Titchenell
• Woodland Cavity Nesting Birds (45 minutes)
• Woodpecker Use of Nestboxes (15 minutes)

Paula Ziebarth
• Don’t Pull That House Sparrow Nest! (30 minutes)

OYBC Young Birder Presentations

Hannah Thomas – Deer Creek State Park Monitoring
Zak Beaver – Establishing the Minerva Park Blue Bird Trail
Elizabeth Kanzeg – Opal Ashcraft: Birder, Artist and Friend
EJ Steele – A Home for the Swifts

Conference Location & Time

March 6, 2021, Links for presentations will be forthcoming

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