Grant Information

Grant Information

A vital part of the conservation of bluebirds and other native cavity nesting species involves creating and managing nesting boxes in high quality habitat. OBS is dedicated to supporting these efforts in a number of ways, ranging from outreach and education, to financial support of well-designed projects.

A portion of membership fees are devoted to our small grants program which is intended to provide financial support to the creation and installation of new nesting habitat.  Because education is such an important component of wildlife conservation, we are particularly focused on projects that combine on the ground conservation with education.

If you are interested in applying for a grant to help fund your project, please fill out and submit the following form. Contact for more information.

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1. What is the purpose and goal of your organization or project?

2. How will a Bluebird trail enhance your student learning or visitor experience?

3. Do you have any past experience or training related to helping Bluebirds or helping other cavity nesting birds?

4. Have you been visited by a person from OBS to look at your property to determine if you have good Bluebird habitat and how many boxes you can accommodate?

5. Do you have a budgetary figure which you feel is needed to implement your trail and how did you determine this amount?

6. Do you have resources in your community where building supplies for a trail may be obtained at a reduced cost or possibly donated?

7. How do you plan to implement and maintain your trail?

8. Do you have staff or students available from March to August who are willing to learn and who will be available to manage the trail?

9. Who is the main contact(s) responsible for the project?

10. Contact information

11. Why do you want to help Bluebirds?