2010 Summer Conference

The 2010 OBS Summer Conference was held at the Shisler Conference Center in Wooster on August 7.  There is usually only one conference each year but we wanted to offer an additional one for those people who could not make it to the annual conference in February due to weather conditions.

Our speakers included:

Roger Downer, Ph.D., an OARDC Entomologist whose topic was Good Bugs, Bad Bugs – Why We and Our Bluebird Friends Can’t Get Along Without Them.

The next speaker was David Kline, Amish Farmer, Self-Taught Naturalist and Author.  His topic was Woodpeckers and Bluebirds and he enhanced his talk by adding stories of his many nature experiences.  He was also available to sign copies of one of his books.  Another book is in the works and will hopefully be ready by early November.

There was a Question and Answer Session that followed with Tim Leslie as the Moderator.  Tim has been birding for 20+ years and is a member of the Greater Mohican Audubon Society as well as OBS.  The panel members included (1) Mel Bolt, with 35 years of experience in helping Bluebirds survive and reproduce; (2) Sharon Lynn, Ph.D., an avian field biologist and Associate Professor of Biology at The College of Wooster as well as an OBS Director; and (3) Mike Watson, a Conservation Biologist at The Holden Arboretum who directs their Bluebird Program.  He is also an OBS Director.

Dean Sheldon, Conservationist and Birder, was our last speaker and his topic was Short Stories and Yarns From the Trail.

At the conclusion of the meeting we announced the winners of the door prizes. Our table decorations of wooden Bluebirds (made and donated by Mel Bolt) were given to a lucky winner at each table.  At that time, those who were so inclined took a tour through the Secrest Arboretum, which is located on the same campus.

The tour was led by Ken Cochran, Secrest Arboretum Director and Roger Downer, Ph.D., OARDC Entomologist.

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